Bed Bug Prep Sheet




Living room

1. Pick up all clothing and misc. items from floor and place in plastic bags.

2. Clear all items from all furniture, shelves, and tables and place in plastic bags.

3. Move all furniture away from walls three feet.

4. Tie all bags and place either outside or in kitchen and bathrooms

Bed room

1. Pick up all clothing and loose items from floor and under the bed and place in bags.

2. Strip all bedding from beds and place in plastic bags. Nothing is to be placed on bed except empty luggage.

3. Clear all of closet including shelves and floor and place in plastic bags.

4. Clear all dressers, shelves, and night stands and place in plastic bags.

5. Empty all luggage and suitcases and place on bed.

6. Move all furniture three feet from walls.

7. Tie all bags and place either outside or in kitchen and bathrooms.

Vacuum all mattresses and box springs.

Vacuum all carpet and especially the baseboards

Vacuum all furniture especially cracks and crevices.

Trash vacuum bag

Launder all clothing and bedding immediately after treatment


1. All people and pets (children 6 months and older) must be out of home for a minimum of two hours. Children under 6 months are recommended to be out for a minimum of 24 hours. All aquariums must be covered and unplugged.