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Ken's Bed Bug Service in Oklahoma has a wide variety of pest control treatments to offer. See our detailed list of services below!

One-Time Bed Bug Treatment, $400

This treatment has proven results. There is a 30-day warranty on properly prepped places. This deals with detailed spraying, so preparation is very important. 

Bed Bug Pre-Treatment, $125

This is a preventative treatment for rental properties. This treatment helps by preventing bed bug infestations from new move-ins and from units that should be readily available for renting.

Cockroach Treatment, $120

This spray has one follow-up service in two weeks with no additional charge.

General Pest Treatment, $90

This spray works against most of your occasional invaders. This also helps prevent unwanted pests.

Flea Treatment, $125

Fleas are horrible pests that do not only cause discomfort–they can also transmit several diseases such as plague and murine typhus. They can also give your pets roundworms and tapeworms. We offer flea treatments for the interior and for most yards.

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